Main Business
China Brazil Supply Chain Service Platform
  • Centex was founded in 2000, specializing in international freight forwarding and providing overall logistics solutionsBranch offices covering major ports and logistics hub cities across the country"Top 100 freight forwarding logistics companies in China""Top 50 Private Freight Forwarders in China"
  • Sinostar Agency was established in Brazil in 2012, with a wholly-owned investment in China, specializing in international logistics servicesSinostar Supply Chain is a specialized logistics supply chain management company dedicated to "being the best partner for Chinese merchants in the Brazilian retail industry."
  • Established in Brazil in 2019, with a wholly-owned investment in China, our main business is international supply chain servicesAlibaba AliExpress Ecological WarehouseAgency procurement, import agency and other related businessesMCN institutional brand marketing
  • Our main business is distribution in Brazil, showcasing and promoting Chinese products directly to Brazilian buyers and wholesalersConnect and connect with local e-commerce platforms in Brazil and Latin America, providing more windows for Chinese products
  • Centex's self operated cross-border e-commerce package from East Asia to BrazilThe first partner in China to obtain authorization from Brazil PostMercado Livre. Ma and several designated cross-border direct mail service providers on Brazilian e-commerce platforms
Centex Business
Brand going global/marketing

As the founding unit of the China Pakistan Supply Chain Service Platform, Centex International was established in 2000, providing logistics solutions and solutions for China Pakistan import and export trade to Chinese enterprises. It has been awarded the title of Top 50 Private Logistics Enterprises and Top 100 Chinese Freight Forwarding Enterprises for many years. In 2012, it entered Brazil and established a wholly-owned subsidiary in Brazil, successively serving South American projects of XCMG, BYD, CCCC, Three Gorges, CRRC and other enterprises along the Belt and Road; Global well-known cross-border e-commerce platforms such as AliExpress, Amazon, and Meikeduo.

Agency procurement

The China Pakistan Supply Chain Service Platform provides cross-border agency procurement/import services, committed to helping Brazilian demand customers make purchases in China, and provides factory inspection, goods inspection, and import services to Brazil.

  • China procurement

    The platform has an extensive product supply chain network and a professional procurement team, which can help enterprises find products that meet their needs in China and negotiate to obtain the best price and quality.

  • Chinese factory and goods inspection

    The professional team of the platform will conduct comprehensive acceptance and quality inspection of the purchased goods to ensure that the purchased products meet the procurement requirements and standards.

  • Agent import

    The platform can assist enterprises without import qualifications to complete import business and deliver products to the buyer's designated location, providing DDP services.

Brazilian company registration
  • Centex International can handle the registration of Brazilian company agents. Brazilian company registration can better comply with the localization rules of the Brazilian market and facilitate the creation of an industrialized and centralized trading system
  • According to the Brazilian Company Law, enterprises can adopt organizational forms such as sole proprietorships, simplified partnerships, limited liability companies, joint-stock companies, cooperative enterprises, and agency/branch offices
  • Centex International can provide two types of registration: micro companies and regular companies. Provide the registered address and local legal representative in Brazil (address affiliation, legal representative meetings, and cooperation in review), as well as accounting and bank management (including agency bookkeeping and bank account management, as well as cooperation with local e-commerce platform store registration applications in Brazil). Within one year, the legal representative can be transferred to oneself, facilitating later management

Registration process:

Obtained information:

  • Business Registration Certificate
  • Taxpayer numbers at all levels
  • Organization and Articles of Association
  • Company account
  • Certificate Of Incorporation
  • Account opening documents and meeting minutes
Centex's overseas warehouse in Brazil is based on an intelligent warehouse management system to achieve efficient and precise warehouse management operations, with multiple services and guarantees. To provide customers with intelligent, comprehensive, and convenient overseas warehouse services, ensuring the rapid flow of goods and striving for the lowest cost for customers. Provide customers with comprehensive overseas warehouse solutions to assist in the development of the Brazilian market.
Brazil Overseas Warehouse Services

Intelligent warehouse management enables shippers to query, operate, and manage goods in real-time within the warehouse.

  • Warehouse management module
  • Financial reconciliation module
  • Product registration and management module
  • Order Management Module
  • Inventory inquiry module
  • Order sales module
  • Inventory locking and stocking module
  • API customization module

In warehouse services

  • Storage time: Received on the same day, except for statutory holidays
  • Delivery time: T+0 for orders received before 12:00 and T+1 for orders received after 12:00, excluding statutory holidays
  • One piece shipping and courier options: Brazil Post, Brazilian express companies, and local express delivery have multiple options. The delivery time can be optimized according to customer needs, or can be chosen independently according to the shipper's requirements. The delivery time in major cities in Brazil is 1-8 days
  • Value added services: labeling services, inventory services, return services, repackaging services, photography, etc

NCM inquiry, tax and fee services, certification application

  • NCM inquiry: Provide NCM inquiry service for all products sent by customers to overseas warehouses, to avoid situations where products cannot be cleared smoothly due to Brazilian policies and customs requirements, and to ensure worry free sales of products in Brazil
  • Tax rate calculation: Brazilian tax laws are complex to calculate, and there is a significant difference in tax rates for different products. We provide customers with tax rate calculation services, allowing shippers to achieve accurate market pricing and profit calculation before selling their products
  • Certification application: Provide Brazilian product certification agency services for customers, including ANVISA certification, ANATEL certification, INMETRO certification, MAPA certification, SDA certification, etc
  • Order fulfillment: Order fulfillment, one piece shipping, and terminal delivery. Multi channel selection, meeting different consumer requirements according to different needs, and reducing the cost of customers in the warehouse
Brazilian overseas warehouse distribution display service
  • Product display area
    Product display area

    Products from overseas warehouses can be presented for free in exhibition halls for display and sales.

  • Customer worry free product selection
    Customer worry free product selection

    Brazilian customers and buyers can directly go to the overseas warehouse exhibition hall to select products and increase product exposure.

  • Placing an order in the showroom and delivering to the warehouse
    Placing an order in the showroom and delivering to the warehouse

    Implementing O2O function, products in the exhibition hall can be directly ordered online and shipped from the warehouse.

  • Sample display and information docking
    Sample display and information docking

    Sample display will provide more B2B customer order information.

  • Multi platform display sales
    Multi platform display sales

    The overseas warehouse connects with more than 40 local e-commerce platforms in Brazil, and can simultaneously display and sell the goods in the warehouse, expanding marketing channels.

  • Docking with overseas warehouse storage management system
    Docking with overseas warehouse storage management system

    Synchronize with overseas warehouse system management software for intelligent management, allowing shippers to check product status at any time.

  • Procurement requirements acquisition, matching and docking
    Procurement requirements acquisition, matching and docking

    Local advertising in Brazil attracts buyers to the exhibition hall, while also understanding their needs and enhancing product supply and demand matching.

  • Urban core with convenient transportation
    Urban core with convenient transportation

    Convenient transportation, convenient for more customers and buyers to see and choose products.

Brazilian overseas warehouse support docking platform
Brazilian overseas warehouse support docking platform
Brazil Overseas Warehouse Warehouse entry operation process
  • The manufacturer shall provide product information and parameters (H.S. code, technical information, product catalog, box specifications, etc.).
  • Our company is responsible for querying and providing feedback on Brazilian product NCM codes, tax rates, and regulatory conditions.
  • After receiving feedback on product information and other materials, manufacturers can log in to our company's "Warehouse Cost Calculation" mini program to inquire about the reference cost price of goods upon arrival at overseas warehouses. (This price is for reference only, and the actual price of the final warehousing cost shall prevail. The reference price shall fluctuate ± 5% from the actual price.).
  • After the manufacturer calculates the cost, they choose whether to stock up in overseas warehouses.
  • If you choose to stock up, the manufacturer should register the overseas warehouse ERP user information and record the relevant shipped products and product SKUs into the overseas warehouse ERP system. At the same time, fill out the SKU form based on the shipped product list (including important information such as box number, SKU number, SKU number corresponding to the number of goods, NCM code, size, weight, etc. Note: this form does not allow merging of any cells) and provide feedback to our company for record keeping.
  • The manufacturer is responsible for production and stocking up. If the shipment of products requires relevant certification or import permit, the manufacturer must also prepare materials for application. Our company can provide relevant assistance.
  • According to the transportation method chosen by the manufacturer, transport the goods to the designated location of our company and arrange international shipping.

Working hours

Statutory working hours:

Monday to Friday 08:00-17:30
Delivery time 09:00-15:00

Delivery time:

A.Before 12:00 T+0
B.After 12:00 T+1

Brazil Overseas Warehouse Display

Brazil Overseas Warehouse Display

Advantages of Brazil's overseas warehouse

The establishment of Brazil's overseas warehouse logistics system allows export enterprises to send goods in bulk to overseas warehouses, achieving local sales and distribution in the country. We leverage the advantages of Zhongjin Brazil branch and establish a comprehensive and intelligent overseas warehouse in Brazil based on years of advantageous routes (Latin American routes)

To provide customers with the most comprehensive Brazilian overseas warehouse solution, efficiently and accurately ensuring the rapid flow of customer goods, shortening delivery time, reducing customs clearance barriers, bulk transportation of goods, reducing transportation costs, improving logistics experience, and ensuring the maximum benefit of the customer group. Zhongjin's overseas warehouse in Brazil integrates warehouse management, order management, inventory management, and logistics distribution management, providing a series of logistics services for cross-border sellers

Advantages of Brazil's overseas warehouse

Mercado Libre Brazil Online Official Designated Logistics

In recent years, Mercado Libre has launched the Cross Border Trading (CBT) international seller recruitment program overseas. Through the Mercado Libre CBT project, domestic sellers can easily settle in and expand your sales to distant Latin America, with a potential customer base of up to 600 million.

So far, Sinostar has completed the integration with the platform's Brazil site and officially become Mercado Libre's official designated logistics for Brazil online. Many sellers who are optimistic about the Brazilian market but have a headache due to logistics reasons can rest assured to invest in the Brazilian market!

Advantages of Brazil's overseas warehouse

Brazil Direct

The Brazilian Express Line is a package logistics service launched by Zhongjin Group from China to Brazil. Belongs to the first level mail service of the postal system. High delivery rate and fast delivery time, with a full delivery time of only 10-15 working days. Supporting full process tracking and inquiry is a good choice for shipping goods to Brazil. Order input methods: single ticket input, batch order import, seller platform authorization, API integration. Customer OMS
Brazil Direct FAQ

01 Package weight and size

Weight less than 30 kilograms; Size regulations: The length, width, and height shall not exceed 105 centimeters, and the total length of the three sides shall not exceed 200 centimeters; The length shall not be less than 16 centimeters, the width shall not be less than 11 centimeters, and the height shall not be less than 2 centimeters.

02 Face sheet/customs clearance label(CN23)

Size requirement: 10 * 15cm heat transfer printed copper sheet paper

  • Label content
  • Description
  • NAME
  • 收件人名称
  • 收件人详细地址
  • 收件人地址邮政编码(只取8位数字)
  • 收件人所在城市,州
  • 收件人所在国家(默认巴西)
  • 收件人电话号码
  • 收件人电子邮箱
  • FROM
  • 发件人名称,地址,城市,国家
  • 1 代表收件人付巴西进口关税
  • CO D.SH
  • 物品的商品编码。必须填
  • QTDE
  • 物品数量
  • 物品名称
  • PESO(KG)
  • 重量
  • UNIT US$
  • 单价
  • 总价
  • 运费
  • 保险
  • 本页合计
  • 总合计

03 Product name restrictions

Receive general goods, can accept built-in electric goods (UN38.3, MSDS must be provided), refuse prohibited goods, branded goods, counterfeit goods, liquids, powders, particles and other goods. Currently, Brazil can accept special goods. It can be connected to pure electricity, knives, perfume, and special goods should be packaged and ordered according to the specified form.

04 Transit time and route

Day1 Receiving, sorting, and bagging
Day2-3 Arrange for port clearance and delivery of goods to the airport
Day4Arrange to go to Brazil
Day7-15Customs clearance and final delivery completed

Delivery scope: Throughout Brazil, due to the large land area and uneven regional development, delivery will be faster in the states of S ã o Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, and slower in remote areas.

Successfully signed for
LX000511295BRBrazilSuccessfully signed for(9days)
LX000511123BRBrazilSuccessfully signed for(10days)
LX000511327BRBrazilSuccessfully signed for(11days)
LX000511358BRBrazilSuccessfully signed for(11days)
LX000511004BRBrazilSuccessfully signed for(11days)
LX000511018BRBrazilSuccessfully signed for(12days)
LX000510905BRBrazilSuccessfully signed for(13days)
LX000511361BRBrazilSuccessfully signed for(15days)
LX000510865BRBrazilSuccessfully signed for(16days)

05 Package customs clearance

Brazil will declare the import of the package to customs, accept inspection by federal tax officials, and cooperate with other customs clearance tasks. During the customs clearance and inspection process, the Federal Taxation Bureau needs to inspect the package, determine the dutiable price and taxes, etc. Brazilian da has no right to interfere with its work efficiency during this process. If the Federal Taxation Bureau requires import tax to be levied on the package, Brazil will transfer the tax to the Federal Taxation Bureau based on the issued tax invoice. The federal and state tax receipts will be attached to the taxed package along with other expense receipts. Brazil Da is responsible for providing the necessary documents for the customs clearance process. If customs require further proof documents, customers must submit them to Brazil Da within 24 hours.

06 Tax and fee portion

Adopting a simplified taxation system for import customs clearance of goods included in international postal shipments, with declared packages having a customs value not exceeding $3000. For tax-free items below USD30, a 60% tariff will be applied between USD100 and USD3000. The specific implementation shall be subject to customs requirements< /br> The Brazilian Da product is a DDU product. If DDP service is required, we can assist the shipper in paying taxes. The shipping fee remains unchanged, and the tax amount is 60% of the declared value * 1.07. It is recommended to declare truthfully and ultimately execute according to customs.

07 International package return and destruction

If the package is refused to be imported by the competent authority, or if the delivery cannot be completed due to incomplete address or unknown recipient, it can be returned. The return shipping cost and any expenses incurred due to the return shipping shall be borne by the sender. Taxes that have not yet been paid to the Federal Taxation Bureau can be refunded, but Brazilian da is not responsible for refunding taxes that have already been paid. Destruction is free of charge.

08 Claims and compensation

Customers have the right to claim compensation from Brazilian da's services and need to submit a formal compensation application through Brazilian da's customer service channel. If the recipient needs to make a claim or make any request for package service, they should directly contact the sender< /br> The deadline for Brazil's acceptance of claims is: a) Undelivered packages, within 90 natural days from the customs clearance date< /br> b) Damaged or stolen packages shall be delivered within 5 working days from the date of receipt by the recipient< /br> If the claim is established, Brazil will provide appropriate compensation according to the procedure. The compensation standard is RMB 100.0/piece< /br> No compensation shall be given for delay in the transportation of goods< /br> Due to force majeure factors (strikes, wars, natural disasters, customs factors, government actions, etc.), the shipper's declared value or declared product name does not match the actual product, or the Brazilian customs prohibit the import of products in the package, resulting in customs delays, detention or destruction, or delays or damages caused by incomplete, unclear, incorrect information provided by the customer, delayed payment of taxes, or goods provided that do not meet customs import and export requirements We are not responsible for any losses caused by customs seizure, confiscation, or fines.

09 Query and tracking of goods

10 Collection warehouse address

Zhongjin Brazil Da Shenzhen Warehouse
Basida, 1st Floor, Building 68, Xicheng Industrial Zone, Xixiang Street, Bao'an District, Shenzhen Contact person: Wu Tao Phone: +86 18126175438
Brazil to Hong Kong warehouse
The entire floor of the 1st floor of the World Transport Warehouse at 8 Si Shan Street, Yau Tong, Hong Kong (on elevators 3 and 4)
Contact person: Wu Zhiwei Phone: 85295418765/85251898765

11 Take delivery of goods

Our company can provide customers with pick-up services centered around the Shenzhen warehouse, including partial pick-up from warehouses in Dongguan and Huizhou. For each pick-up exceeding 100 tickets or weighing more than 50 kilograms, free pick-up is available. (Except for warehouses in Hong Kong) If the pick-up is less than this standard, a pick-up fee or delivery option will be required.

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